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Name:Dallas Witt
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Dallas Witt. Seventeen years old. Juvenile Delinquent. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.

Also, he's a Dreamwalker.

Him and his close group of friends all have different psyonic abilities, and each one comes with it's own drawbacks.

For Dallas, he needs an object of great significance to someone before he can go poking around in other people's dreams. The greater the emotional tie, the easier it is. Another drawback is, too much time spent in another persons dreams and he risks pulling them into his. This happened twice. The first time to his younger sister, Jenna, who ended up going insane, the second time to his nanny who fell into a coma and passed away.

As big a douchebag as he is, he won't take that risk again. He's learned how to set a sort of mental timer that kicks him out at the right time. He's also learned that he can find peoples memories in dreams, and in some cases, their worst secrets.

Nightmares make him ill and will render him physically weakened for anywhere from a couple hours, to a few days, depending on the nightmare. He has no control over another persons dreams at all.

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